AdminTHE BIBLE IS A HISTORY BOOK BASED ON SCRIPTURES BY THE WHITE RACE, ALBEIT IT HAS BEEN FRAUDULENTLY CHANGED BY THE JEWS. Although many religious leaders, historians, scholars and archeologists try to deny this fact, the Holy Scriptures provides evidence of the ancient Hebrew Israelites being a "Black" people. The ancient Hebrew Israelites were not Jews, and neither are their descendants ( Hebrew Israelite Heritage ).

Following are some of the teachings that many Black Hebrew Israelites affirm. Brian K. Blount, True to Our Native Land: An African American New Testament Commentary (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2007), 372-73. The Israelites would also administer justice and judgment around the world (Gen 18:19).

That there is Israelite blood running through many Palestinian's veins, but none in the veins of those who say they are Jews. The white man has stolen black heritage and replace all the great black men and women of history with their white image. Still, some Jewish American groups have sought to bring Israelites into the fold — but often suggest conversion, which many Israelites object to.

The body of knowledge that provided the success of the Bantu Expansion (advanced metallurgy, animal husbandry, architecture, carpentry, agricultural, astrological, religious, etc.) was inherited by these Bantu from their Israelite ancestors during their long residence in Egypt.

From this nation come the ancient Hebrew prophets and kings, such as Moses, Joshua, Samuel, David, Solomon, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel. Even if the Khazars did indeed convert as a people group in the eighth century, the house of Israel has absorbed many from other nations in the past, and Yeshua himself has some gentile ancestry.

BEHOLD NOW, I KNOW THAT THOU ART A FAIR WOMAN god's chosen people ” _ KNOWING THAT YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, I REALISE THAT YOUR BEAUTY IS NOW A SOURCE OF DANGER, PARTICULARLY SINCE THE EGYPTIAN ARE DARK-SKINNED AND UGLY ”. Despite this comment having some racial discrimination and ridiculous comment, but the point here is the fact that the Rabbi Has stated that the EGYPTIANS WERE BLACK PEOPLE (having a black skin race and a person belonging to a dark skinned race).

While Chaldean magicians might have convinced the Babylonian captives to hold a special name for God as sacred-mantric-magic, those Israelites in Alexandria since the Assyrian purge would not have been influenced by that. So by every measure, this publication is NOT anti-Semitic at all - quite the contrary - it is completely PRO-Semitic in championing the rights of the true Hebrew Israelites.

Finally the people calling themselves Jews have never been sold on slave ships ever in history. Populated by as many as 50,000 Taíno or Arawak Indians the Island was truly blessed from god because his children were there and they lived in relative peace. But i do believe aa and all the people who are descendants of african slaves in the west are part of prophecy.

They are destined to be killed or slaves for Hebrew Israelites after the Messiah returns. The rate of HIV among black women is 20 times that of the white woman. Unlike the Hebrews, the Egyptians basically wore plain white linen. Some modern religions maintain that their followers are "Israelites" or "Jews" although the meaning of these claims differs widely.

I've heard Nigerians get offended if you call them African Americans”, because it implies they have no country or nation within the landmass of Africa. The trade with India would be theirs, the recompense arriving (via the Suez Canal) at Egypt would be theirs, and they would transport Africans (many of whom were large-bodied) across the seas.

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